Raspberry Pi ideas

A Raspberry Pi is one of the things that you should consider getting if you are a computer programmer.

Just bought a Raspberry Pi but not sure what to do with it? If that is the case, you had come to the right place. On this page, you will find plenty of ideas on how to use your Raspberry Pi.

By following the ideas here, you will understand your Raspberry Pi and the Linux operating system better. In addition, you will be able to setup your Raspberry Pi to serve some interesting use cases at home.

For example, you will find instructions on how to setup a CCTV for surveillance, Web IDE to help you code everywhere you go, project management platform for tracking your project statuses and etc.

How to make your Raspberry Pi Zero W camera see an ultra-wide view

While I was organising cabinet, I found a pack of Camera Lens Kits for mobile phones.

Since I am using my Raspberry Pi Zero W as a surveillance camera, I figured that it would be useful if I can use the Fisheye lens in the pack to make my camera see a wider view.

This post shows how you can make a Raspberry Pi Zero W camera see an ultra-wide view.


How to setup Python Imaging Library, Pillow, on Raspbian Stretch Lite for processing images on your Raspberry Pi

When you are building a Raspberry Pi project that deals with images, the Python Imaging Library, Pillow can be very useful. For example, if you connect a camera to your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 and took a picture, you may want to resize the picture before sending it to a server endpoint.

In case you have trouble setting up Pillow on Raspbian Stretch Lite, this post is for your reference.

How to connect your Raspberry Pi to your iPhone WiFi hotspot via Raspbian Stretch Lite

Raspberry Pis with WiFi are very useful for building prototypes that connect to services on the Internet.

In case you need a Raspberry Pi with in-built WiFi, you can get one of these:

An operating system is needed for running your Raspberry Pi and Raspbian Stretch Lite is an ideal choice for server based applications.

Although Raspbian Stretch Lite does not have a graphical user interface, it is not difficult to get it to connect to a WiFi hotspot.

If you wish to use your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot for your Raspberry Pi prototype, read this post to find out how to connect Raspbian Stretch Lite to your iPhone hotspot.

Programming languages that you can use to build applications for Raspberry Pi, via Raspbian Stretch Lite

A programming language give programmers an interface to create computer applications to serve different use cases. On the other hand, a Raspberry Pi is one of the things that a programmer should consider getting.

Raspbian Stretch Lite is the official operating system for programmers to run server applications on a Raspberry Pi. You can use Raspbian Stretch Lite for applications that do not require a graphical user interface.

So what programming languages can you use for building applications for Raspbian Stretch Lite?

This post discusses some programming languages that you can use for building applications for Raspbian Stretch Lite.

How to host your own file sharing website on Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian Stretch Lite, Nginx, ProjectSend, MariaDB and PHP

While experiencing Northern Lights in Finland, you may capture some Northern Lights pictures with your DSLR. In case you want to share them with friends through your own file sharing website, have a look at ProjectSend.

Since a Raspberry Pi 3 is energy efficient and affordable, you may want to setup ProjectSend on a Raspberry Pi 3. With this in mind, this post discusses how to do so with Raspbian Stretch Lite, Nginx, MariaDB and PHP as the LEMP stack.