Things that you should consider getting if you are a computer programmer

A computer programmer is a person who writes code for building computer programs.

If you are a computer programmer or someone who writes a lot of codes, here are some things that you should consider getting.

A laptop or a desktop with good amount of RAM and SSD space

No computer programming can be done without a computer. In addition, you should look for a computer with the following specifications:

  • at least a 8GB of RAM.
  • at least a 256GB of SSD space.

Get a desktop computer if you want more performance per dollar spent. However, get a laptop computer if you foresee yourself participating in hackathons and programming workshops.

Some recommendations for a programmer's computer

Ultrawide screen monitor

Programmers constantly switch between different application windows while they code. For example, we switch between the browser and IDE while trying to make the HTML search button and text box appear within a same box.

A second computer monitor screen allows you to see two applications at once without switching them back and forth. This can help reduce fatigue from switching windows within the same screen.

An even better way to reduce fatigue is to display two applications, side by side, within the same computer screen. This is an area where an ultrawide screen monitor does pretty well.

Some recommendations for ultrawide monitors

Mechanical keyboard

Programmers spend most of their time typing on the keyboard.

Typically, mechanical keyboards are accurate, responsive and very durable. Therefore, as compared to normal keyboards, typing on a mechanical keyboard is less tiring.

If you are still using a non mechanical keyboard, invest in a mechanical keyboard to help you reduce typing fatigue. Since mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Brown switches are the quietest, they are most suitable for use in the office as well.

Some recommendations for mechanical keyboards


Unless you are using a headless operating system to code, a mouse is something that can improve your productivity. Therefore, you should consider getting a mouse that can help you copy and paste code segments between different windows quickly.

Some recommendations for computer mice

Computer desk with ample space

Obviously, you are going to need a computer desk to hold your programming tools. Choose one with ample space so that you can have enough distance between your computer screens and your eye.

Some recommendations for computer desks

Comfortable chair

Unless you like to stand while you code, getting a comfortable chair is a good move to reduce your coding fatigue. So get a chair with arm rests that keep you seated in a comfortable posture.

Some recommendations for comfortable chairs

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

When you need a server that serves you 24-7, you can utilize a Raspberry Pi 3. In addition to taking up little space, this single-board computer has decent performance and has little energy footprint.

Some ways for programmers to use a Raspberry Pi 3 include:

Some recommendations for Raspberry Pi 3 B+ kits

Multi Port USB Charger

Many devices, including your smart phone, can be charged with a USB connection. Therefore, you can consider putting a Multi Port USB Charger on your computer desk.

Some recommendations for Multi Port USB Chargers

Power strip / extension with surge protector

A programmer's work desk will have a number of electronics that require power. Therefore, you may want to get one to supply power to your electronics. In addition, you should be looking for a power strip / extension with surge protector.

Some recommendations for power strips / extensions with surge protector

Computer Switch

Presently, gigabit ethernet cables give the fastest network connection for devices within your home network.

Although a typical home router provides 4 ethernet switch ports, it is barely enough for programmers with several networked devices.

For example, you will use up the ethernet switch ports if you connect a Synology DS418 NAS, a Raspberry Pi 3 reverse proxy server and your computer to your home router.

So, get a computer switch so that you can connect more devices to your home network.

Some recommendations for computer switches