About Techcoil

Techcoil was launched on 10th October 2010 from Singapore. Since then, Techcoil had been a go-to place for me to remember things that I felt I will need in the future.

As a result, most of Techcoil is made up of blog posts. All in all, these blog posts include solutions to coding problems, technology setup guides, book and gadget recommendations.

Frequently mentioned topics include Java, Python 3, C#, HTTP, software development operations, Raspberry Pi, Nginx and WordPress.

In addition, the gift recommendations section is meant for providing you with some gift ideas to make someone's day.

Who is behind Techcoil?

Me in Ivalo

Hi, my name is Yeo Chai Heng and am currently staying in Singapore with my lovely wife.

I am a software person who likes computer technology so much that I find dabbling with computer technology an enjoyment rather than a chore.

Apart from a Bachelors of Computing in Computer Engineering, I have a Master's degree in Management of Technology from the National University of Singapore.

I hope that whatever I had shared here can help people move forward with the problems that had gotten them here.

What is the technology stack behind Techcoil?

Techcoil was initially built with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery and deployed on a shared hosting plan with Vodien.

As time goes by, Techcoil became a polyglot site built with PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. There are currently 3 site instances, 2 built on WordPress and the other built on Python 3 Flask with MongoEngine. These site instances are hosted on DigitalOcean.

How do we make money to run this website?

Money won't bring you happiness but it will keep this website running.

In case you are wondering, this is how we make money to pay the running costs for this website.

If you wish to support us, you can do one of the following:

  • stop your AdBlocker from blocking our advertisements, if you use them and have the data bandwidth to do so.
  • check out our gift recommendations page. If you happen to buy anything, we will earn some commissions while you pay nothing extra.
  • send me some cash if you can afford it.
  • share our content with your social network. When you do so, cash may find its way to us through one of our monetization channels.

How to stay connected to Techcoil?

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