About Techcoil.com

Welcome to techcoil.com - a place about enabling bits and bytes in the areas of Information Technology.

Why Techcoil.com?

Technologies coil up to serve people better. And that is what makes me tick.

Techcoil.com is my memory lane and playground. At Techcoil.com, I put up proof of concepts, references and tools so that I can use them again in the future.

If you happen to find them useful, feel free to use them - but please don't plagiarize.

How is Techcoil.com being organized?


Techcoil.com blog is the place where I pen down my thoughts. I grouped the articles into the following categories:

Quick references

Articles which are meant for quick referencing. For instance, the articles contain how-tos, solutions to technical problems and how I will want to do certain things in a better way.

Life Bits

Articles which record things that had happened in my life; you are free to read them if you find them interesting.

Handy tools

Articles that explain the rationale of some of the tools which I had created to help me in my course of work.


Articles which links to foreign content which I found interesting.

Book recommendations

Articles that feature some of the books which I felt worthwhile to read - you would probably want to read them as well.


The books section showcases some of the books which I had read and loved.

Proof of concepts

Before implementing a solution, I tend to create little proof of concepts. This is the place where I put up these proof of concepts to "see" how things will work.


When there is a situation where I find myself repeating a task which can be better performed by the computer, I will be tempted to create tools.

This section of the website is the place to locate tools which I had built in my spare time.