How to capture the coordinates of your mouse as it moves along a path with jQuery

When you want to move an object on your web page, you can do so by setting the top and left property of that object to several screen coordinates along a path of travel. Although you can create those coordinates by hand, it is more efficient to capture those coordinates using your mouse.

Previously, I had discussed:

In this post, we extend those ideas to build a simple mechanism that captures the coordinates of your mouse as it moves alone a path.


Why Namecheap is the best domain name registrar for hosting your web server at home

Basically, a HTTP client contacts a HTTP server with an IP address. For example, when you access, your web browser could be using as the IP address to contact one of Google’s web servers. Although an IP address is what HTTP clients used for contacting HTTP servers, a domain name is easier to remember.

So if you want to host a web server at home, it is recommended that you get a domain name to make accessing your web server easier. In case you are looking for a domain name registrar to purchase a domain for your home server, this post discusses why you may want to buy from Namecheap.

How to set environment variables for your Python application from PyCharm

The Twelve-Factor App methodology recommends storing configurations in the environment.

When you follow this methodology and want to run your Python application from PyCharm, you need to create a customised run configuration.

In case you need it, this post shows how to set environment variables for your Python application from PyCharm.

How to associate a virtual environment with a Python project in PyCharm

When it comes to Python development, PyCharm is my favourite IDE.

Before working on a new Python project, I like to create a virtual environment and associate it with the corresponding PyCharm project. In case you like this mode of operation, this is how you can associate a virtual environment with a Python project in PyCharm.

How I use my Raspberry Pis to help me work on with my side projects

Undeniably, Raspberry Pi has revolutionised the way we use computing technology in our lives. In addition to being energy efficient, a Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that does not take up too much space.

Given these points, a Raspberry Pi is an ideal programmer gift and one of the things that you should buy if you are a computer programmer.

On the other hand, pursuing side projects help me explore technologies that I may not be able to explore at work. For example, through Techcoil, I got to know more about:

In case you are wondering how to use Raspberry Pis to help you work on your side projects, read on to find out more.