How to fix the issue of YouTube app not able to launch on Samsung Smart TV

After connecting my iPhone to my Samsung Smart TV via Chromecast, I accidentally powered off my TV with the remote.

Since the YouTube app was playing when I accidentally switched off my TV with the remote, something got screwed. When I switched on my TV again and launch the YouTube app again, a black screen showed up perpetually.

In order to have a reference in the future, I document the steps that I took to fix the issue.

Suggested ways to fix issue of YouTube app not able to launch on Samsung Smart TV

In such a situation, I immediately tried out suggested remedies provided on the internet:

  • Switch off the TV, unplug the TV from power plug and turn it on again.
  • Reinstall YouTube app via Samsung Smart Hub
  • Restore TV to initial factory settings

However, these remedies did not work for me. Although these actions should reset my YouTube app, I still saw the same recommendation screens when I hovered over the app icon.

How I fixed the issue of YouTube app not able to launch on my Samsung Smart TV

Since the Smart TV is a black box for me, the next step that I did to debug the issue was to try other Apps. Although the Netflix App was useable, the internet browser was not. Given that, I came to the conclusion that the real issue was the internet connectivity of my Samsung TV.

Therefore, I proceeded to disconnect the wireless connection of my TV. When I tried to connect my TV to my home's wireless network, I was prompted to enter the password again. After my TV had connected successfully with my wireless network, I was able to use my YouTube app again.

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