Articles about software development operations

In this page, you will find articles that are related to computer infrastructure operations that are performed in the course of software development.

Examples include how to setup the server infrastructure to run Python applications, WordPress applications and etc.

How to install python3-venv on Ubuntu 16.04

Since Ubuntu 16.04 is a very popular operating system, it is one operating system that you will likely come across when you are building software with Python 3. For example, if you want to get a Nvidia Jetson TX2 developer kit today, you will find yourself dabbling with Ubuntu 16.04.

On the other hand, the venv module of Python 3 is one recommended way to create virtual environments for our Python 3 projects.

In case you need it, this post describes how to install python3-venv on Ubuntu 16.04.


How to associate a virtual environment with a Python project in PyCharm

When it comes to Python development, PyCharm is my favourite IDE.

Before working on a new Python project, I like to create a virtual environment and associate it with the corresponding PyCharm project. In case you like this mode of operation, this is how you can associate a virtual environment with a Python project in PyCharm.

How to setup Python Imaging Library, Pillow, on Raspbian Stretch Lite for processing images on your Raspberry Pi

When you are building a Raspberry Pi project that deals with images, the Python Imaging Library, Pillow can be very useful. For example, if you connect a camera to your Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 and took a picture, you may want to resize the picture before sending it to a server endpoint.

In case you have trouble setting up Pillow on Raspbian Stretch Lite, this post is for your reference.

Configuring Nginx and PHP 7 stack in Linux to increase or decrease file upload size limit

PHP web applications can utilize Nginx as the reverse proxy server and PHP FPM as the upstream server. Whenever you encounter HTTP file upload issues, limitation in file upload size is one common cause.

This post shows how to adjust the file upload size limit for your application running on a Nginx-PHP stack in Linux.

How to setup your own Wiki site on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Dokuwiki, Raspbian Stretch Lite, Nginx and PHP

Dokuwiki and Raspbian icon

As a result of the proliferation of single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi 3, we get energy-efficient computers. In addition to being energy-efficient, Raspberry Pi 3 is small and priced affordably. Therefore, the Raspberry Pi 3 is an ideal gift for programmers.

Given that you had received one as a programmer, you may be wondering what you can do with it. In case you are yearning for your own Wiki site, you may consider setting up your DokuWiki site on your Raspberry Pi 3.

With this in mind, this post walks through how you can setup your own Wiki site on a Raspberry Pi 3 with Raspbian Stretch Lite, nginx and PHP.