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How to create a Carousel in WordPress with Slide Anything

When you have been adding content to your website for some time, you may notice two things:

  1. There are many pages that are never visited in months or even years.
  2. The home page will always have page views.

Given these points, the home page is one place where you have the chance to promote pages that are rarely seen organically.

If your website is realised by polyglot stack, then you will find the Slide Anything plugin useful for creating a Carousel for your WordPress instance.

Given that, this post shows how you can create a Carousel in WordPress with Slide Anything.

Sample Slide Anything WordPress Carousel on Techcoil home page

How to start a blog about computer technology

Previously, I wrote about why programmers should blog. When you are convinced that you should blog as a programmer, you may wonder how to start a blog.

In order to have a place to refer people who wants to learn more about this topic, I write my experience in this article.

Given that in mind, this is how you can start a blog about computer technology.

Why should programmers blog?

One of the big words on the Internet nowadays is the word ‘blog’. As a noun, this word refers to a website or web page that is updated regularly by an individual or a group, written in an informal or conversational style. What you are reading now is an example of one. As a verb, it refers to the act of adding new content to a blog.

Ever since I started this blog on 14 November 2010 on a self-hosted WordPress instance, I had never stop adding content to it.

Since then, I often came across programmers asking why they should blog. To help them get started, here are some reasons for programmers to blog.