I coded my own blog and got it up and running

Implementing blog functionality into my own site has always been one of my geeky dream. Every geek will agree that the technology field is just too exciting - there are always new things out there to experiment, and documentation seems to find a place in the least priority list. However, I saw a need to create my own repository so that I can house my learning and reference from them whenever I need to. The fulfillment of this need was brought about by two important elements.

WordPress gave me a very flexible tool for integrating blogging functionalities to my website.

It is probably easy to code a blog from scratch - all I have to do is to create pages that read from database tables. The blog entries can then be created/updated by database manipulation tools. However, even though coding with wordpress may be more difficult at first, the return on investment is pretty high. After installing wordpress, a full suite of blog content management features is available at your fingertips. Moreover, the wordpress api is poetry; almost every function makes sense and using them really gave me insights to how people create awesome systems.

Puffersoft gave me a Scrum master and my Scrum master gave me coaching.

Having experience the Scrum process is already quite helpful in task planning, but Matthew's coaching session was a godsend. Indeed, with a veteran technologist by my side affirming the reasons to realize my blog, I felt even more  motivated. What is learning when it is not being applied? I am glad that I am working with Matthew and I am glad that I applied what I had learnt these years to realize my dream. 🙂

About Clivant

Clivant a.k.a Chai Heng enjoys composing software and building systems to serve people. He owns techcoil.com and hopes that whatever he had written and built so far had benefited people. All views expressed belongs to him and are not representative of the company that he works/worked for.