Gadget Recommendations

Gadgets are necessities to most IT professionals, especially for people who like to build things and communicate with the world wide web in front of a laptop or desktop. This category is for collating my thoughts on some of the gadgets that I enjoyed using in my daily life.

Five reasons why I love my Anker 40W/8A 5-Port USB wall charger

After setting up a Raspberry Pi web server, a Raspberry Pi TV Box and a Raspberry Pi CCTV, I had utilised most of the USB chargers that I had accumulated over the years.

As a replacement for those USB chargers that my Raspberry Pis had utilised, I bought the Anker 40W/8A 5-Port USB wall charger from a local store. In this post, I document why I love my Anker 40W/8A 5-Port USB Charger.


A review of Logitech G710+; why I love it so much for coding

I had been using a Logitech K120 that I bought for more than three years for my typing activities. It was a value for my money and had served me through my debt laden days. However, it showed its age when its stiffened keys start to disrupt my typing pretty frequently to the point where I started to get physically tired from typing.

That was not acceptable to me as I spent most of my time in front of my computer. And hence, it was time for me to buy a new one as I had some budget in my hands. I had been hearing about mechanical keyboards for some time. In fact, people who love to game often turn to mechanical keyboards to quench their gaming thirst. Gaming can require a serious amount of typing, especially when played in a team setting.

I would say I am bias when it comes to choosing keyboards and mice; I always buy from Logitech. After some research, I settled on Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Tactile High-Speed Keys.