A review of Logitech G710+; why I love it so much for coding

I had been using a Logitech K120 that I bought for more than three years for my typing activities. It was a value for my money and had served me well through the days when I had limited spending power. However, years of continuous usage had turned the keys stiff. And when the keys stiffed, they started to disrupt my typing flow to the point where I started to get physically tired from typing.

This was not acceptable to me as I spent most of my time with my computer. Hence, it was time for me to buy a new keyboard with some budget in my hands.

I had been hearing about mechanical keyboards for some time and the timing seems right for me to invest in one. People who love to game often turn to mechanical keyboards to quench their gaming thirst. One of the reasons for gamers to invest in mechanical keyboards is that gaming can require a serious amount of typing, especially when played in a team setting.

After some research, I got myself a Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Tactile High-Speed Keys.

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Keyboard

Here are three reasons why I love this keyboard for coding.

Tactile high-speed keys which are not too loud when pressed

When it comes to coding, it is important for my keyboard to be able to capture my key presses in a timely manner. So far, the Logitech G710+ had been able to accommodate my typing speed without my fingers having to exert too much pressure. It is also possible for me to keep my key presses soft so that I do not distract my wife who is reading beside me.

A scroller control for me to adjust the volume of my laptop speakers

When it comes to watching video tutorials, I am able to adjust the volume of my laptop speakers without having to move my fingers too far away. This reduces hand fatigue when I switch between watching video, adjusting the volume and trying out the codes on my code editor.

A palm rest which is not skimpy

The palm rest provides a large enough coverage for my palm to rest comfortably while I type. This is another feature that reduces fatigue that arises from typing activities.

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