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Why buy Logitech MX Master 2S wireless mouse?

When my mouse cursor starts jumping around the screen randomly, the search for a better mouse begins.

Since I had been using a budget mouse for nearly a decade, I decided to go with comfort and efficiency for a change.

After doing some research, I got myself a Logitech MX Master 2S wireless mouse. That turns out to be a pretty good investment for me.

In case you are looking for a new mouse and need some buying reference, here are some reasons why I like my Logitech MX Master 2S wireless mouse.

How I use my Raspberry Pis to help me work on with my side projects

Undeniably, Raspberry Pi has revolutionised the way we use computing technology in our lives. In addition to being energy efficient, a Raspberry Pi is a single board computer that does not take up too much space.

Given these points, a Raspberry Pi is an ideal programmer gift and one of the things that you should buy if you are a computer programmer.

On the other hand, pursuing side projects help me explore technologies that I may not be able to explore at work. For example, through Techcoil, I got to know more about:

In case you are wondering how to use Raspberry Pis to help you work on your side projects, read on to find out more.

Why buy Synology DS418 NAS?

Since my adoption of digital imaging and other content creation, I had gathered huge amount of digital artefacts in my laptop. Finally, there came a day when my data was going to outgrow the hard disk on my laptop. Hence, I took the decision to invest in a Synology DS418 NAS to help me keep my data.

In case you are deciding whether to buy a Synology DS418 NAS, here are some reasons why I bought the Synology DS418 NAS.

Understanding Graham Wallas’ four stages of creativity

When I am not sitting on my couch watching movies from my Raspberry Pi TV box, there is a good chance that I am in the midst of creating something new.

Whether it is coding a new functionality or writing a new blog post, I would inherently follow through four stages to bring about my creation. These four stages of creativity process became apparent to me through a lecture on how to manage creativity in an organisation.

According to Graham Wallas, the four stages of creativity :

  1. Preparation
  2. Incubation
  3. Illumination
  4. Verification

In this post, I document the Graham Wallas’ four stages of creativity so that I can be more productive during the creation of new things.

A review of Logitech G710+; why I love it so much for coding

I had been using a Logitech K120 that I bought for more than three years for my typing activities. It was a value for my money and had served me through my debt laden days. However, it showed its age when its stiffened keys start to disrupt my typing pretty frequently to the point where I started to get physically tired from typing.

That was not acceptable to me as I spent most of my time in front of my computer. And hence, it was time for me to buy a new one as I had some budget in my hands. I had been hearing about mechanical keyboards for some time. In fact, people who love to game often turn to mechanical keyboards to quench their gaming thirst. Gaming can require a serious amount of typing, especially when played in a team setting.

I would say I am bias when it comes to choosing keyboards and mice; I always buy from Logitech. After some research, I settled on Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Tactile High-Speed Keys.