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Understanding Graham Wallas’ four stages of creativity

When I am not sitting on my couch watching movies from my Raspberry Pi TV box, there is a good chance that I am in the midst of creating something new.

Whether it is coding a new functionality or writing a new blog post, I would inherently follow through four stages to bring about my creation. These four stages of creativity process became apparent to me through a lecture on how to manage creativity in an organisation.

According to Graham Wallas, the four stages of creativity :

  1. Preparation
  2. Incubation
  3. Illumination
  4. Verification

In this post, I document the Graham Wallas’ four stages of creativity so that I can be more productive during the creation of new things.

Terms relating to Innovation

Through reading MT5007 Management of Technological Innovation conducted by Professor Annapoornima, I was introduced to some terms relating to Innovation which I found useful as a technology person.

I document those terms alongside some of my thoughts in this post.

Understanding Porter’s five forces model

At some point in life, there can be situations that we have to decide whether to invest effort into a product/service that we will bring to a market to sell. Michael E. Porter came up with a framework in 1979 that helps us analyse the market situation so that we can decide whether it is worthwhile for us to enter the market with a product/service that we have in mind. This post documents my understanding of Porter’s five forces for my future references.