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Why get a Wio Terminal for your next IoT project?

If you have 30 USD and is looking for a microcontroller, then you will want to consider the Wio Terminal.

Since Seeed Studio had kindly sent me one for free, I got to picture my 30 bucks alongside the box:

Wio Terminal front of box with 30 USD

Although 30 bucks is not a lot of money, it is good to know what the Wio Terminal is capable of before buying. When we do so, we can prevent adding on to that electronics stockpile which is collecting dust in the house.

Given these points., let’s look at why you will want get a Wio Terminal for your next IoT project.

Enabling ESP32 Development on Arduino IDE

When you want to implement a low cost IOT solution with bluetooth interface, you can consider using a ESP32 development board. In addition to the bluetooth interface, the ESP32 development board also includes a WiFi interface.

In order to run a program on the ESP32 Development Board, we will need to write our program into the flash memory of the development board. Since it is easy to write code and flash programs with Arduino IDE, it is a good tool to use with the ESP32 Development Board.

In case you need it, this post shows how to enable ESP32 development on Arduino IDE.