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Life is full of moments to capture and remember. In this category, I will capture bits of my life with words and possibly some pictures.

What are the benefits that the Java Programmer and Java Developer certifications bring to me

It had been over 10 years since I got my both my Sun certified Java Programmer and Sun certified Java Developer certifications.

Along my career path, I had met studious individuals who had asked me whether they should pursue the Java Programmer and Developer certifications.

A good way for me to answer their questions will be to reflect on how the Java Programmer and Java Developer certifications had contributed towards my career in software development.

Hence, I write this post to discuss the benefits that my Java Programmer and Java Developer certifications had brought to me.


How to make your customer helpline less frustrating – insights from experiencing a really bad one

I was at a cash deposit machine with my mum to deposit cash to pay for my dad’s taxi rental. After accepting our cash notes, the machine was not able to record our deposit details nor return back our notes. After printing a receipt that indicate the error and showing a number for us to call, the screen was reverted back to its home screen, ready to service the next customer.

Luckily my mum brought her mobile phone, there are no phones anywhere near the machine for customers to call to the helpline. Dialing 11 numbers got me to connected to an answering machine. There were a few questions that I had to struggle to interpret (due to the nearby noisy market) and some options that I had to select (or not select) in order to get to a human-friendly human.