Life Bits

Life is full of moments to capture and remember. In this category, I will capture bits of my life with words and possibly some pictures.

Going deeper into unchartered territory

Prior to working, I had been playing with PHP, HTML/CSS, MySQL intensively. Although many people had claimed that building web applications is easy, but it is very challenging to create web applications which brings about great user experience. There are many considerations to make, including the back end processing side of things and the aesthetics side of things. However, I am always in the game because of the many rich resources made possible by fellow players, especially people from Smashing Magazine.

I coded my own blog and got it up and running

Implementing blog functionality into my own site has always been one of my geeky dream. Every geek will agree that the technology field is just too exciting, there are always new things out there to learn and experience, and documentation seems to find a place in the least priority list. However, I saw a need to create my own repository so that I can house my learning and reference from them when I need to. The fulfillment of this need was brought about by two important elements.