Christmas mood is in the air

The past week had been festive.

Tuesday morning, my company had our first Christmas gift exchange session. Apart from Paulyn, I guess nobody knew who is their secret "Santa Claus". Hunting for the Christmas gift had been quite a challenge for me but that was nothing as compared to being pretentious so that I won't gave myself away.

Everyone seems to like what they received; and I love my Philips Electric Shaver. I would say that an electric shaver was what I had wanted to buy out of impulse a few years back but procrastinated because I had two Gillette shavers and some blades in my house. I tried it out yesterday and shaving felt less awkward to my skin, as compared to the naked Gillette blades.

Tuesday afternoon, my company had a great team bonding session at The Mind Cafe. The involvement of a game host brought the game experience to greater heights and I had enjoyed myself. Indeed, the games were more than traditional for a company of 15; laughter filled the room and warmth filled our hearts.

Friday was equally exceptional. Kenneth wrote in to live 938 and won the company a sumptuous Christmas lunch:

  • English Fruit Cake (1000 gm)
  • Caterpillar Log Cake
  • Traditional German Dresden Stollen (800 gm)
  • Homemade Italian Panettone
  • Christmas Cookies (500 gm)
  • BBQ Glazed Turkey / Indo-spiced Bakar Style Turkey
  • Homemade Duck Rillette
  • Bon Bon Chocolate Praline (25 pcs)
  • Macarons (12 pcs)
  • Homemade Multigrain Cheese

The past week had shown me that work life was not as monotonous as many people had sounded. Perhaps, it is just the beginning for me, but I am glad that I had spent the first Christmas season of my work life with Puffersoft. 🙂

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