Going deeper into unchartered territory

Prior to working, I had been playing with PHP, HTML/CSS, MySQL intensively. Although many people had claimed that building web applications is easy, but it is very challenging to create web applications which brings about great user experience. There are many considerations to make, including the back end processing side of things and the aesthetics side of things. However, I am always in the game because of the many rich resources made possible by fellow players, especially people from Smashing Magazine.

Working in a technology-centric company is akin to facing an ocean of fun: there are so many things to learn, and by learning them, I will be equipped with more building blocks. For example, by learning visual basic, I am now able to build windows-based applications that can interact with services built with Java, PHP or other programming languages. However, that was just a tiny step into unfamiliar grounds; looking further ahead, I found myself interested in windows system programming, windows presentation foundation and beautiful testing mechanisms.

I am going deeper into uncharted territory and I am enjoying the process. 🙂

About Clivant

Clivant a.k.a Chai Heng enjoys composing software and building systems to serve people. He owns techcoil.com and hopes that whatever he had written and built so far had benefited people. All views expressed belongs to him and are not representative of the company that he works/worked for.