Lessons from a promoter at IT Show 2011

There are always so many things to look at in a once a quarter consumer electronics show such as the IT Show 2011. Today's trip was yet another different kind of experience for me. Apart from the latest gadgets, I looked at how promoters attempted to sell their product.

Most promoters performed live demonstration for the use of their products to the audience. There were some who walked through the features of their products themselves and there were those who engaged the audience to try out their products. Although, quite a number managed to attract a group of bystanders to look at their product, not many achieve a high volume of sales.

Only one of them managed to led me and my brother to buy his product. As much as I was amazed by his product, I was even more amazed at his approach in selling his product.

One good product

Unlike many other promoters who had many products to sell in their booths, this promoter had just one product - a cloth. The selling point of the cloth is that it is able to absorb and hold quite a volume of liquid, which he managed to bring to the audience through his lively demonstration.

Perks after perks, all within an elevator speech

After he did his demonstration, he began to stage the momentum to get people to buy from him. First, he indicated that his cloth was originally selling at 20 dollars for 2. He then continued that he would sell 2 pairs at 20 dollars. Although this deal alone was already quite attractive to many, he offered a second one - 3 pairs for 20 dollars, provided that the purchase was made within the next minute. And for the next minute, he managed to get a large majority of bystanders to buy the cloth.

Lessons learnt

Although the cloth was not a great piece of technology, in my opinion, it outsells many "real" technological products at the show because the promoter knew how to drive people to buy from him. Although it is important to bring out the features of a product to the customers, it is equally important to ensure the customers complete their purchase as soon as possible. Although many promoters have great products and great deals, many had given their customers enough consideration time - to not buy at all.

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