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Installing Certbot on Raspbian Stretch Lite for obtaining Let’s Encrypt’s browser-trusted certificates

By offering free browser-trusted certificates, Let’s Encrypt makes it easy for ordinary folks like you and me to deploy secure web applications that serve HTTPS traffic 24-7.

The issuance of Let’s Encrypt certificates is automated by software participating in the ACME protocol. We will need to run such a software on devices which host web servers serving HTTPS traffic.

The Raspbian Stretch Lite operating system is a way to create performant web-based appliances with Raspberry Pis. If you need to secure your web-based applications on Raspbian Stretch Lite, you may choose to install Certbot on Raspbian Stretch Lite as a first step.

This post extends Certbot’s installation instruction on Debian Stretch to provide the steps for installing Certbot on Raspbian Stretch Lite.

Setting up a free CA signed SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt for my LEMP server on my Raspberry Pi 3 with an Ubuntu Server 15.10.3 image to secure my WordPress site

After setting up a LEMP web server on Raspberry Pi 3 with an Ubuntu Server 15.10.3 image to host my new WordPress website, a good colleague of mine recommended me to try implementing a free certified SSL certificate. The intelligent and generous folks from Let’s Encrypt had created a free and open Certificate Authority and an automated workflow for websites to generate certified SSL certificates for serving trusted and encrypted communication.

Since, there is no cost involved in implementing the SSL certificate, I went on to try and implement one on the Nginx server on my Raspberry Pi 3.

This post documents my process on setting up a Let’s Encrypt certified SSL certificate for my Nginx server on my Raspberry Pi 3.