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How to use Java to check whether a domain exists without any external libraries

You wanted to buy a domain for your personal website. You found a whois service and it told you that your domain is available. You are elated and tried to acquire the domain through your favourite registrar. However, your registrar told you that the domain had already been taken.

Isn’t that frustrating? Well, it happened to me once and I was determined never to use the whois service of those unscrupulous sites ever again.

So how can you check whether a domain name is available by yourself? When you have a computer at hand, you can find several ways to do so. In this post, I share how you can check whether a domain exists with the Java programming without using any external libraries.

How to connect your Raspberry Pi to your iPhone WiFi hotspot via Raspbian Stretch Lite

Raspberry Pis with WiFi are very useful for building prototypes that connect to services on the Internet.

In case you need a Raspberry Pi with in-built WiFi, you can get one of these:

An operating system is needed for running your Raspberry Pi and Raspbian Stretch Lite is an ideal choice for server based applications.

Although Raspbian Stretch Lite does not have a graphical user interface, it is not difficult to get it to connect to a WiFi hotspot.

If you wish to use your iPhone as a WiFi hotspot for your Raspberry Pi prototype, read this post to find out how to connect Raspbian Stretch Lite to your iPhone hotspot.

How to turn on WiFi Personal hotspot on your iPhone so that multiple devices can connect to the Internet

When you want to get multiple IOT devices to send data to the Internet, your iPhone can be very handy. After all, you can connect those devices to the Internet via your iPhone WiFi Personal hotspot.

Whenever you need some reference, you can read this post to understand how to turn on WiFi Personal hotspot on your iPhone.