How to change your WiFi SSID or WiFi name of your iPhone hotspot

The default SSID for your iPhone hotspot is your name appended with the string: 's iPhone. For example, if your name is John, then the default SSID will be John's iPhone.

What if you do not like the default SSID given to your iPhone hotspot? In this case, read this post to learn how to change your WiFi SSID of your iPhone hotspot.

First, tap on the Settings icon from your iPhone home screen:

Cropped iOS home screen with settings icon boxed

Once you are in the Settings screen, tap General

Cropped Settings page with General option boxed

After that tap About:

Cropped Generals page with About option boxed

Next, tap Name:

Cropped About page with Name option boxed

Finally, type in a new name and click on Done:

Cropped Name page with name text field and done button boxed

Once you had done so, your WiFi SSID of your iPhone hotspot will be changed to the new name.

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