How to enable VNC server on Raspbian Stretch with raspi-config

When you have a VNC server enabled on your Raspbian Stretch, you will be able to access your Raspberry Pi from another computer. Furthermore, you will be able to use your Raspberry Pi from a graphical user interface.

Therefore, if you want to enable SSH server on your Raspbian Stretch but is not really comfortable with a command line interface, a VNC server is what you should enable instead.

In such a situation, you can use raspi-config to enable VNC server on Raspbian Stretch. Let see how we can do so.

First, start a Terminal window by clicking on the highlighted icon at the top:

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 desktop with a terminal window

Once the terminal window had started, type the following command in the terminal window:

sudo raspi-config

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 terminal window with sudo raspi-config

After raspi-config loads in your terminal, go through the following screens to enable VNC server on Raspbian Stretch:

From the first menu screen, select Interfacing Options:

raspi-config on Raspbian Stretch 20181113 with Interfacing Options selected (without window frame)

Once the Interfacing Options menu screen appears, select VNC:
raspi-config on Raspbian Stretch 20181113 with VNC selected

When you had done so, raspi-config prompts whether to enable VNC. Choose Yes:
raspi-config on Raspbian Stretch 20181113 with Yes selected in prompt to enable VNC

Given that, raspi-config then show you that it had enabled VNC server on your Raspbian Stretch:
raspi-config on Raspbian Stretch 20181113 showing message that VNC server had been enabled

Finally, select Finish to end the configuration session:
Raspbian Stretch 20181113 raspi-config initial screen with Finish selected

With that, VNC server is now enabled on your Raspbian Stretch.

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