Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3s and Raspberry Pi Zero W

So what is a Raspberry Pi? When you have a Raspberry Pi, you have a credit card sized computer that can do wonderful stuff.

First of all, you can connect it to a monitor screen, a keyboard and a mouse and use it like a regular desktop computer. For example, you can use it to browse the internet, make spreadsheets, and play games. When you want to do some python programming, you can setup Raspbian Stretch on a Raspberry Pi for developing Python 3 applications.

On the other hand, if you want to host multiple websites from your home, a Raspberry Pi can help you with that. For example, you can first build a reverse proxy server with a Raspberry Pi. After that, you can configure it to direct HTTP requests to different server applications running at home.

In addition to running and using software, a Raspberry Pi can communicate with different types of sensors through its GPIO pins. For example, you can read temperature and humidity from a DHT11 sensor with a Raspberry Pi. Through the camera serial interface, you can also build a Raspberry Pi prototype camera that takes a picture at the press of a button.

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