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How to send message from Java applet to web page via jQuery

In an attempt to save development time on reworking the RIAs from a old system, a business decision was made to reuse the Java applets on a newer system.

The newer system utilizes jQuery at the front end to fulfill modern user interactivity requirements.

This post documents a proof of concept that I did for the powerful Java applets to communicate with the front-end of the newer system.

Make your PHP webpage loads faster by aggregating external CSS scripts

In most cases, the speed of which a browser completes the rendering a of webpage is very much dependent on the network connection which connects it to a web server. While some browsers have the luxury of fibre connections, there could be others that are rendering your webpages via a mobile network.

Because each HTTP response consists of the header portion in addition to the actual content, we could reduce the number of bytes that our browsers need to read from our servers by aggregating external CSS and JS scripts.

How to ensure that your Javascript is able to write unicode characters from external Javascript files to your HTML contents

Ever tried injecting Chinese characters into your HTML DOM from an external Javascript file but got something that resembles the following?

Gibberish characters was shown when jQuery attempts to display error message in Chinese

Well that was what I got for the Chinese version of my bilingual form initially as a result of validating an input field as the user is filling up my form.

In this post, I will discuss why I got the unwanted characters and what I did to solve the problem.

Code segments for rendering html 4.0 pages

Very often, I find myself creating HTMl pages from scratch. Those could have been situations when I want to try out some javascripts or write some php proof of concepts.

Although there are many frameworks around, I still prefer the pristine way of rendering HTML pages as I can be certain that there will not be conflicting javascripts or php scripts when I need to try something out.

In this post, I put together pieces of HTML codes that I find myself using often. This will make HTML development more convenient as I do not have to wade through the many search results from google to look for them.

Code generator for list of countries

There was a second need for me to display a list of countries for my users to select. While the first required insertion of names of the countries into the database, the second required the list of countries to be populated as an array of data objects via Java.

Although the text list of countries from Pedro Posada is useful in both instances, it only fulfills part of what I need. In addition to the names, I need to include additional boiler plate coding to convert the text list of countries into usable forms for the two different programming requirements.

And since the list is more than a 100 items long, it will be more efficient to get the computer to generate the list of countries with the necessary boiler plate coding.