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Getting the environment variables supplied to your Cloud Foundry application with Python 3 Flask

When I was trying to build a Python 3 Flask application on Cloud Foundry, I wanted to quickly check the environment variables that Cloud Foundry will supply to my application.

As a result of that, I created a Python 3 Flask application that will probe the environment variables that it receives from Cloud Foundry.

This post lists the files that constitute that Python 3 Flask application.


How to use Flask-APScheduler in your Python 3 Flask application to run multiple tasks in parallel, from a single HTTP request

When you build an API endpoint that serves HTTP requests to work on long-running tasks, consider using a scheduler. Instead of holding up a HTTP client until a task is completed, you can return an identifier for the client to query the task status later. In the meantime, your HTTP server can offload the task to a scheduler which will complete it and update the status.

When you are building your HTTP server with Python 3 Flask, Flask-APScheduler gives you the facilities to schedule tasks to be executed in the background.

In this post, we look at how we can get Flask-APScheduler to run multiple tasks in parallel, from a single HTTP request.