Types of modular interface design

After a lesson on modular architecture from a System Architecture course, I find myself referencing back to the topic of modular interface design to gather inspiration.

As described in Product Design and Development by Karl Ulrich and Steven Eppinger, there are 3 types of modular interface design.

To cater for future reference, I documented some information about 3 types on modular interface design in this post.

Slot Modular Architecture

The Slot Modular Architecture consists of elements with differing interfaces.

Each element shares a unique interface with a base element. As such, the elements cannot be swapped around.

Slot Modular Architecture

Examples of Slot Modular Architecture includes:

Bus Modular Architecture

The Bus Modular Architecture uses a common bus, or similar concept. Each element connects to the bus or base element through the same type of interface.

Bus Modular Architecture

Examples of Bus Modular Architecture includes:

Sectional Modular Architecture

In a Sectional Modular Architecture, there is no common bus or base element which interfaces with other elements. Each element uses a common set of interface to connect with each other.

Sectional Modular Architecture

Examples of Sectional Modular Architecture includes:

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