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Types of modular interface design

After a lesson on modular architecture from a System Architecture course, I find myself referencing back to the topic of modular interface design to gather inspiration.

As described in Product Design and Development by Karl Ulrich and Steven Eppinger, there are 3 types of modular interface design.

To cater for future reference, I documented some information about 3 types on modular interface design in this post.

Types of interfaces in product and process architectures

In the parlance of system architecture, an interface is a point of contact between interacting system elements and other subsystems or environment at the system boundaries. Interfaces can also be seen as contracts definitions between elements that are interacting with one another.

Interfaces between interacting system elements are known as internal interfaces while interfaces with other subsystems or environment at the system boundaries are considered as external interfaces.

This post documents the types of interfaces that we will typically find in product and process architectures. Note that the types are not mutually exclusive; an interface can be in the form of different types.