How to get Jetpack to resync your self-hosted WordPress contents with

For some reason, the content on my self-hosted WordPress website did not tally with the site stats on The number of drafts and published posts were wrong and the insights page does not reflect my published posts for the past two months.

Tinkering with the interface, I was able to find a way to get Jetpack to resync my self-hosted WordPress contents with This post documents how I managed to do so.

The steps

After logging into my WordPress account, I clicked on the "My Site" button at the top left corner of the screen.

I then clicked on the "Settings" button at the menu on the left.

In the "General Settings" page, I then clicked on the "Manage your connection" button. general settings page with manage your connection highlighted

In the "Manage Connection" page, I then clicked on the "initiate a sync manually" link. manage connections page with initiate a sync manually highlighted

With that, a progress bar was shown to indicate that Jetpack was performing a full sync with my self-hosted WordPress site.

After the sync was completed, my site stats at became consistent with my content at my self-hosted WordPress site.

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