How to change screen resolution in Raspbian Stretch with raspi-config

When your Raspberry Pi isn't filling the entire screen on your computer monitor, you will need to change the screen resolution. In case you are using Raspbian Stretch and need to change the screen resolution, this post shows you how to do so with raspi-config.

First, open a Terminal window by clicking on the highlighted icon at the top:

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 desktop with a terminal window

Once the terminal window had started, type the following command in the terminal window:

sudo raspi-config

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 terminal window with sudo raspi-config

When raspi-config loads, choose Advanced Options:

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 raspi-config with Advanced Options selected

Next, choose Resolution:

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 raspi-config with Resolution selected

After that, select your desired screen resolution:

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 raspi-config Choose screen resolution screen with DMT Mode 82 1920x1080 GHz 16:9 selected

Once you have done so, raspi-config will indicate your chosen screen resolution:

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 raspi-config The resolution is set to DMT mode 82 confirmation

After you the confirmation, raspi-config will go back to the first screen:

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 raspi-config initial screen with Finish selected

When you choose Finish in the first screen, raspi-config will ask whether you want to restart Raspbian Stretch:

Raspbian Stretch 20181113 raspi-config Would you like to reboot now

After you had restarted Raspbian Stretch, it will display your desired screen resolution.


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