Why Namecheap is the best domain name registrar for hosting your web server at home

Basically, a HTTP client contacts a HTTP server with an IP address. For example, when you access google.com, your web browser could be using as the IP address to contact one of Google's web servers. Although an IP address is what HTTP clients used for contacting HTTP servers, a domain name is easier to remember.

So if you want to host a web server at home, it is recommended that you get a domain name to make accessing your web server easier. In case you are looking for a domain name registrar to purchase a domain for your home server, this post discusses why you may want to buy from Namecheap.

Namecheap provides free Dynamic DNS

Firstly, Namecheap provides FreeDNS which included Dynamic DNS option for your domain name. With Dynamic DNS, you can be sure that you can still access your home server even when your Internet Service Provider assign a new IP address for your Internet connection. Especially when you do not leave your Internet on 24-7, you should consider using a Dynamic DNS service to update your new IP address with your registrar automatically.

Namecheap domains are affordable

Namecheap domains are affordable. For example, you can get a .com domain with less than US$12 a year. When you pair it with a $5 dollar-a-month DigitalOcean droplet, the running cost for your website is only $6 a month. Therefore, you can make your website self sustainable easily by employing some monetisation options.

Namecheap has an extensive knowledge base to help you get things working

In addition to a live chat support system, Namecheap also has an extensive knowledge base for you to find information that you need to get things working. For example, if you need to configure Dynamic DNS for your Namecheap domain, you check out their Dynamic DNS page.

Namecheap has an intuitive dashboard for managing your domain name configurations

Lastly, Namecheap has an intuitive dashboard for managing your domain name configurations. Within the dashboard, there are helpful links to the knowledge base to help you understand how to work things around. Apart from Dynamic DNS configurations, you can also include custom domain name servers from other hosting providers. This is useful if you wish to host your website outside of your home network in the future.

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