C# facilities for dealing with folders

Especially for batch applications, the ability to deal with folders is important. This post documents the C# facilities that can give our applications the ability to work with folders.

Get the folder path which the executing binary is running in

string exeFolderPath 
    = System.AppDomain.CurrentDomain.SetupInformation.ApplicationBase;

Check whether a folder exists

// Check if there is a folder named as techcoil in the same directory
// as the running executable.
if (System.IO.Directory.Exists(Path.Combine(exeFolderPath, "techcoil")))
    Console.WriteLine("Folder exists.");
    Console.WriteLine("Folder does not exists.");
} // end if

Create a folder

// Create a folder named as techcoil in the same folder as the 
// executing binary.
Directory.CreateDirectory(Path.Combine(exeFolderPath, "techcoil"));

Rename a folder

// Rename the folder from techcoil to new_techcoil
Directory.Move("techcoil", "new_techcoil");

Delete a folder

// Delete the folder named as techcoil that exists in the same folder as the 
// executing binary, recursively. 
Directory.Delete(Path.Combine(exeFolderPath, "techcoil"), true);

Get some information about a folder

DirectoryInfo techcoilInfo = new DirectoryInfo("techcoil");
// Get the time when the folder is first created
// Get the full path of the directory
// Get the last occurence when the folder is being accessed
// Get the last occurence when the folder is written to
// Get the full name of the parent folder of techcoil

Get list of files in a folder

// Get a list of pathnames of files that are in the techcoil folder.
IEnumerable<string> filesInTechcoil = Directory.EnumerateFiles("techcoil");

// Print the list of pathnames 
foreach (string filePath in filesInTechcoil) 
} // end foreach

Get a list of folders in a folder

// Get the pathnames 
IEnumerable<string> foldersInTechcoil = Directory.EnumerateDirectories("techcoil");
foreach (string folderPath in foldersInTechcoil)
} // end foreach

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