Find Your Car System Showcase

The carpark remembers where is your car.

System overview of Find Your Car System

Find Your Car System overview

Parking in a humogous indoor carpark can be a nightmare, especially when you had forgetten where you had parked your car. Through the use of wireless sensors, Find Your Car System pervasively remembers the location of every single car in the carpark. For car owners who just can't remember where they had parked their car, they can access the carpark server through their internet-enabled phones.

The scenario is such that every car has the ability to identify itself to sensors located at the carpark slots. When a car is confirmed to be parked at a carpark slot, the carpark slot sensor will send a notification to the server. The same thing happens when a car leave its carpark slot.

Apart from communicating with the sensors and remembers where the cars are parked at, the server also serve a web application to the internet. The web application allows customers to use their phones or personal computers to find their car back.

Snapshots of the Find Your Car System

Mini carpark environment set up for demonstration Using iPhone 3g to search for car Using n97 mini to search for car Sensor node on roof

Project team

A group photo of the find your car system team.

From left to right

  • Yeo Chai Heng
  • Wayne Lee
  • Cliff Ching

My role

  • Built sensor data reader module on server.
  • Defined and implemented database schema.
  • Built data updation module to reflect carpark slots occupancy.
  • Built web application to serve car location queries.

Technologies employed

  • Apache HTTP Server
  • C Programming Language
  • Crossbow TelosB TPR2420CA
  • Cygwin terminal program
  • Java Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • MySQL database
  • nesC Programming Language
  • PHP
  • TinyOS