Book Recommendations

I learn most of the things in technology and in life by reading books written by awesome people. This category is my way of helping them to spread their documented insights.

100 things every designer needs to know about people

Although a 100 things seem a lot to read and learn, this 200 plus page book is definitely an easy read. “100 things every designer needs to know about people” contains nicely structured paragraphs and ample images to convey psychological concepts on human behaviour. In fact, this book itself is actually designed with these concepts in mind!

Managed to finish this book while commuting, waiting and putting myself out of programming loops for a while.

Shall post my thoughts about this book in this post. 🙂


My thoughts on “Head First Design Patterns”

Cover page of Head First Design Patterns

Many software projects fail because of their programmers having the “just produce the code” mentality. Indeed, the motivation of design patterns is to give programmers a suite of techniques to isolate areas of changes, so that changes become less painful when a bug occurs or when customers demand more functionality out of the software. Personally, before picking up this book, I had learnt design patterns through goggling and piecing up different fragments of knowledge. However, I feel that I need more assurance in order to pioneer the development of a software project.